Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Little Miss Rachael Ray

We all have a foodie or amazing cook in our lives! It's kind of annoying when you show up to a party and they of course have the best dish that you know they slaved over for hours and act like they spent 30 minutes on. But, we love them anyways. #ALWAYSPERFECT 

 I'm absolutely obsessed with the holographic trend that is in right now.  It's everywhere! For those of you 90's babies, I'm sure it makes you harken back to the days of Lisa Frank and holographic Pokemon cards. With that said, your trendy Rachael Ray would drool over the pastry server below. I can tell you that it is definitely on my wish list. It's also pretty hard to resist gold kitchenware. Stylish and DOMESTIC. You can't go wrong.  Anthropologie is a great place to look for baking/cooking related gifts under $50 -- the measuring bowls below are darling and only $48! 

Happy Shopping!